04 July 2012

The Age of Worry

Just some few photos from when we visited my lolo (grandfather) in the hospital when he had a minor operation. My cousin, Isabelle, and I walked around the place a bit and took some photos while dreaming of plane rides and refreshing drinks (it was a hot day) apart many other things. I wish I had remembered to charge my battery, though. My camera died quickly, thus the number of pictures I got to take.

And, in no relation to the matter whatsoever, here's a track from John Mayer's new album, Born and Raised, just because I think it's very unfortunate for people not to hear such a beautiful song. I think it's going to help me through many nights of doubts and self-pity. I think it's going to help you too, whatever cross you carry. Though the man may be a douche, we cannot deny him the fact that he makes darn good music. With arms wide open, and ears pleading for his music--welcome back, John.

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