01 July 2012

Of Dreams and Lullabies

My friends and I were all working from home for the whole month of May (my birthday month). In June, when I came back, I noticed a strange (alarmingly gorgeous) person lurking about my desk when I was chatting with Tisa and Steph. Alas, when I came to look what the strange (absolutely fabulous) person was up to, I found this creepy death note curious note on my desk:

Seeing that it was for "research", I knew that it was of some importance, so I quickly jotted down the three books I have been wanting forever:

1. Kafka On The Shore by Haruki Murakami (with a side note: Vintage retro cover only; close-up of a man wearing Lennon shades.)
2. Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk
3. Einstein's Dream by Alan Lightman

But how was I going to give my response back? Drop "the survey" off somewhere, perhaps? A little while later, Ken left me a message via chat:

So clever of the anonymous (beautiful) person--having my friend work for him/her. And so I did. Leaving that afternoon, I left the already filled-out response paper on my desk, as instructed. But here comes the best part. A week after, enough time to finish a "research", I get to work only to find two precious books waiting on my desk, and a yellow post-it that says: "Nicole, Thank you for participating in our research." Signed, "K & S." A few days earlier, it was a cute striped box with a red ribbon on it that carries a notebook that says write all over the covers, a set of London sticky notes and bestfriend coupons that I found on my desk. These, on the other hand, are from Tisa. I was beside myself with happiness for my friends' thoughtfulness! (But not as much as I was for Ken, for all his unbelievable effort and perseverance to keep up with his shenanigan.)

Thank you, Ken, Steph and Tisa! I <3 you!

Man, how lucky was I to get randomly picked for that research.

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  1. This is so cute and funny bes!! Haha at talagang "gorgeous" and "fabulous" ang Ken ah! Haha