11 July 2012

The Stars & The Moon

It feels as if it was only yesterday that it was just debuts we were attending. How did it come to weddings? And surely, soon enough, it will be baptisms and first birthdays. I know they say time flies, but oh my goodness! How it does fly!

I can't say that I am a big fan of weddings, but I do enjoy attending them--mainly for the part where I get to wear pretty dresses and eat special dessert (in this case, it was Crème brûlée topped with sweet mangoes). But of course this wedding was extra special because it's our friend's! And I just can't kick the feeling of being so excited about everything, but at the same time scared--in a good way--because sometimes I just get a random feeling that life is finally beginning. Which is actually weird, because nothing has really begun for me. It's just that everywhere around me, big changes are happening to so many people, which makes me honestly happy for them. After all, these are things you've surely thought of once in the past--getting married, moving to new places, having a baby, and merely starting a new chapter in your life.

Ironically, in a game at the wedding, I ended up with the special rose that bears a message that says "I will be the next bride" which honestly freaked the shit out of me. If I were in my late twenty's, with a stable job and in a good relationship, I would have been the happiest girl in the room next to the bride. But given that I am none of those I mentioned, no thank you. Maybe in five years or so. For now, I toast to newlyweds, dance, and make more gigantic life plans whilst getting drunk on bottomless margarita with my best friends. For now.

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