07 April 2012

What Fire, She Said.

I've always wanted to make a series in this blog for music that I can update regularly, but given my current blogging habit for my personal updates, that'll surely turn this blog into a music blog entirely. So I decided to create a whole new blog for music alone:

Click on the image to visit the site.

Pardon me, but Blogger's new Dynamic Template is a huge pain in the--! Almost uncustomizable and I cannot understand the codes. What Fire is still in the works--this image above is the actual header--but I'm too impatient to delay its *debut,* so here you go! I'm totally open to any suggestions, so if you have any music you'd want the world to know about, and by world I mean the miniscule population of it who actually read my blog, just let me know. Now, I know what you're thinking, and no, this is not an attempt at anything. Haha. Just sharing good music, that is all.

I'll be updating What Fire once a week, every Saturday, and the posts will be music by my favorite bands, artists, etc. And yes! Today is the first Saturday, and the very first feature is music by Frightened Rabbit, a Scottish indie rock band. Hope you like!

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