23 April 2012

At the end of the day

I have this constant fear of people I really care about slipping away from me. Especially when I don't see them for a very long time, and I see how happy they are with the life they know that does not include me. In so many levels I know that this is wrong, and it is very selfish of me to even feel a bit of this, but I cannot help it. Sometimes we wish things can always just stay the same, but of course it won't. As the saying goes, the only thing constant is change.

After months of not seeing my college best friends--Don, for almost a year--we found time out of our busy schedules to have dinner Friday night and share stories of our lives now, over drinks. And just like that, we were in college again, gushing over the same old things, laughing at same old jokes, and retelling stories that never get old. But, honestly, I'm glad we're not in college anymore. It's nice to look back, but I cannot be more relieved to be away from all the bad stuff that goes with it as well. Mostly people. As glad as I am to have met some of the most important people in my life right now in college, I also had to deal with so many mean people as well (so mean, I didn't know people like them actually existed except in soap operas). That's something I'm very glad to have passed. Anyway.

Our little family has got additions! The beautiful baby boy in the photo above is AC's son. My godson! AC brought him for dinner, and so did MR, bringing along his baby brother, Rylle.We really are getting old. I'm pretty sure there will be more babies next time. My friends, to say the least, seem to be all doing well with their career and all. Unlike me, living by the day and whose life plans constantly blossom and wither with the seasons.

I may be having pre-turning-another-year-older jitters. Tell me, is 22 too old to be still so unsure of so many things?


  1. Sa wakas nagkita kita ulit kayo. :) next time sama na akooo!!! i really really miss..kwentuhan,tawanan lahat lahat..at siyempre kayo..

  2. Hey, Avs! I know, right. It's been too long. People are slipping away one by one. But as long as I still have you guys, it's okay! Come home soon; I really really miss you!

    1. as i always say iam coming home really really soon! :) can't wait..