31 March 2012

March in passing, April a'waitin.

FELTMANS. Get it? Get it?
March has been a serious mix of highs and lows and all things really funny and really sad. Emotionally exhausting, and physically (and a tad mentally) as well, as adult a.k.a. real-life problems keep tailing me like a shadow under a brightly-lit day, forcing me to work extra harder. But then again, amidst all those cacophony, somehow I still managed to do a whole lot of other things as well, like going to the Death Cab concert, our recent EK trip (photo above), catching up with some of my favorite series, frequent trips to Banapple, going to the cinemas more often than usual (in which the last time I watched The Hunger Games, but of course that is a whole different subject), my fulfilled oath-to-self to write again and finish two books before the end of March, AND, to top all that, significant increase in work productivity. Right now, I feel only a little short of a Supergirl if Supergirl were really shallow and somewhat chubby.

Now, April awaits, and already, I can feel the powdery sands of Boracay under my feet. Summer, next to Fall, where I love the mental image of leaves falling on a paved street, is my favorite season. Like The Weepies sings, I was made for sunny days. I love summer heat and everything about beaches. Although for the past weeks, the weather's as confusing as inconsistent boys as one moment it's really hot and the air so damp and the next it's like Christmas all over again. I've managed to wear boots, a sweater and a scarf to work last week, because that's how cold some days are. Anyway.

I've always said that fate has a funny way of making it up to me. And lately, I found out it's still true. I'm a little glad because I find it somehow comforting. And I think that's all I really need right now. A little comfort.

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