25 April 2012

On nights of art and music

This was two Saturdays ago at The Collective. I went with Tisa and Jear to attend Identikit's first album listen at Vinyl on Vinyl where their keyboardist is also holding his first solo exhibit. Identikit is Manny's band (boy in the photo above), and Manny is my best friend Ayin's (girl in the photo above) boyfriend. Two years they have been together, and yet I have never been to one of his gigs. That night was supposed to be the first time, and I was so, so excited, if only I didn't have this other thing I had to go to as well. We all didn't expect the thing to start until midnight! Nevertheless, I still enjoyed my visit. Music and art are two things I happen to like. I think I'd love to have more nights like this in my boring spinster-like life.

Another thing I was actually excited about is my plan to write about Identikit for my first article at this online magazine. I wanted to write about something fresh and different, far from the usual news commentaries I see there, and I thought writing about a band was perfect. I've listened to some of their songs before, and they're really good. And no, I'm not just saying this. Last year, they were featured in Mega magazine where Quark Henares called them the music love-child of Up Dharma Down and Urbandub. That's seriously a huge compliment. But anyway, because I was not able to catch them play, I wrote about the exhibit instead. Click here to read the article, if you're interested.

I definitely won't be missing out on Identikit's album launch! No specific date yet,  but it will definitely be sometime this year. For now, though, here's an amazing song by the band called Peach that you should listen to. Enjoy!

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