21 March 2012

Death Cab for Cutie live in Manila

Because I know a (very) few of their songs prior to the concert, I didn't really plan on going. So it came just as a surprise to me when I suddenly found myself standing amongst the ecstatic concert-goers that day, fishing for an extra ticket. I was hanging out at High Street with Tisa and Steph, both of which going to the concert, and the former claiming that DCFC is her most favorite band. The original plan was I'd ditch when it was time for the concert, but next thing I remember was feeling a whole lot excited upon seeing the crowd outside NBC tent. It was only a few days after The Pains gig at Hard Rock; I might still have been on a concert-adrenaline high.

The concert was, for lack of better term, fucking mind blowing. Best I've seen so far! This, coming from a girl who, if not for the concert, would not know that Meet Me At The Equinox was a DCFC song, and in her previous blog post wrote You're A Tourist instead of You Are. Anyway, I'm still a bit disappointed they didn't play Marching Bands of Manhattan which is my favorite. Upon hearing it the first time, I fell in love with this song almost immediately. Three reasons: marching bands, Manhattan, and the very lovely lyrics, of course. Although, like I said, the concert was pretty amazing, so I concentrated on being blown away instead. My favorite sets in the concert are: I Will Possess Your Heart (that instrumental in the beginning is something akin to heavenly), I Will Follow You Into The Dark (heartfelt! Everyone was singing. Everyone.), and the long interlude they played in the middle of We Looked Like Giants. That was really intense; Ben Gibbard on fantastic drum solo. I love how he smiles so enthusiastically. It's as if there's no better feeling in the world than playing for people who are just as passionate about music as he is.

To say that the band, Ben Gibbard most especially, were received very well by the fans, would be an understatement. The crowd was absolutely wild. But in a beautiful way! I like to think that the Filipinos, if not the best, are such a great crowd to play for. Ben Gibbard's tweet about the concert the following day says so, anyway.

Sometimes, being impulsive leads to good things such as new, fantastic discoveries. Or else I would have passed on the concert, and I would forever have no idea what I am missing, which, I think, is a horrible thing. 2012 just gets better and better!

*All photos in this post are taken by my friend, Stephanie Chan (who managed to sneak her DSLR inside NBC Tent haha).


  1. Thanks for crediting, Nic! Love this post! And btw, the song's entitled "We Looked Like Giants" :)

  2. Can't wait to blog about Death Cab! Shit, tagal na nito! Great post, btw!

  3. Aw, look at you two, so sweet. Haha. Thanks! Looking forward to more fangirl moments with you two! <3

  4. I love Death cab for cutie, I saw a video from this event. The whole crowd sang when they played "I will follow you in the dark" it was amazing.

    1. It really was. I'm really glad I went to that concert. :)