04 March 2012

All the places we'll go to: Hong Kong 2012

It has been exactly a week since I got back from Hong Kong. As much as I am very excited to write about all the adventures--getting lost alone in the city, making friends with an NFL player, and fantastic bargains to name a few--it has been pretty much a busy time for me as well. I wish I could say with work, but the truth is I haven't been very productive in that department. All it really is, is catching up with some movies, spending a lot of time with my mom and on the internet stalking members of a band my friends and I met a few nights ago. Not to mention we have over a thousand photos (mine and my friends' combined) of the trip, which makes it difficult to choose the ones to put up here. I realized I, myself, have too much, but whenever I look at the pictures, I remember all the wonderful things I've seen, and I always end up feeling like I still did not take enough. No amount of pictures could ever give justice to how amazing the whole trip was. How I wish I could keep everything--remember them enough to go back, to visit, whenever I miss it. Hong Kong is such a beautiful city. It was a timely trip as well, February being their coldest month; my friends and I seized the opportunity to dress in layers, wear scarves, leather jackets and boots we thought we never could wear. It was way cold in Hong Kong. In some places, the fog is just too thick you start to wonder if you're really awake or just dreaming.

Anyway, this is just to give you a little something about the trip. When I find time to fix the photos, I'll definitely upload it here and tell you all about it. Random thought: suddenly I'm thinking of the song You're A Tourist by Death Cab for Cutie. And I don't even really listen to a lot of DCFC. I loved being a tourist very much, though.


  1. I feel same way. I miss Hong Kong!!!

  2. Me too. I found a seat sale on PAL. 6k roundtrip for April. Let's go? Hahaha