03 March 2012

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart live in Manila

Kip Berman, vocals & lead guitar
Peggy Wang, vocals & keyboard
Alex Naidus, bass
Connor Hanwick of The Drums, special guest
Kurt Feldman, man of my life, drums

To seal an eventful February, I was at The Pains of Being Pure at Heart tour in Manila. I went with Tisa and Steph, mi amigas. I wouldn't say they're my most favorite band, though I really love their music, but getting to meet them was a whole different story. They are just absolutely fantastic people. That's the thing about small gigs as compared to concerts (this was in Hard Rock Cafe); there's intimacy, and in so many ways, you get to connect with them better. Kurt, though always wearing that straight expression even in pictures and likes keeping to himself (he was just quietly sitting in a corner with his laptop), is actually very nice; we approached him a couple of times. Peggy, on the other hand, is the cutest! What is it with Asian girls and inevitable cuteness? I vowed from that night on that Peggy will be my peg (for fashion and everything else). Peggy the peg. My friends and I giggled at the thought. Kip was the most lovable out of all, though. He was just absolutely friendly. I scored a hug out of nowhere, and Steph even a got a little lift.

Another thing that adds to the high is the fact that Tisa, Steph and I are absolutely crushing on Alex, Connor (of The Drums, actually, but was there with his girlfriend Peggy) and Kurt, respectively. It's all we've talked about these past days. And with that, we're determined that our boyfriends, if not them, would have to exactly be like them. We're delusional like that. Besides, who knows? They might just be. Moving on...

The show was just how I expected it and more. The front acts were Bee Eyes and The Camerawalls, both of which were fantastic. It's good to hear new takes on OPM music. During The Pains, I gave out the loudest cheer I could muster when they finally played Young Adult Friction; I love that song! It has the catchiest tune out of all their songs, if you ask me. I funny-dance a lot to it, on blasting volume, in my room. Imagine the thrill of dancing to it, live! Needless to say, I went out of Hard Rock Cafe a very happy little girl who'd from now on claim that The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is the best band ever. That being said, they are now on my list of favorite bands (and people). Haha.

I had such a great time that it's now actually three days after, and I'm still on a high. I just can't stop listening to their songs. I have also vowed (I realize I made one too many vows that night) that someday soon, I will watch them again live and be cool enough to have a couple of beers with them (like some very lucky people from Cubao X), even if I don't drink beer, just for the heck of it. And not just any gig. If I'm lucky enough, maybe in New York, where the band's originally from. That's hitting two birds with one stone!

Fangirl moment <3

Steph and I bought Tisa her ticket as a birthday gift to her. The concert ended a few minutes before midnight, so basically, Tisa turned 22 in the car on the way home. I'm happy she's very happy with how her birthday turned out. And The Pains was a great kick-off. But that's a whole new story, Tisa's birthday. You can read on here if you like!

EDIT: I cannot believe I forgot that this was a leap day! The show was on February 29th. Watching The Pains of Being Pure at Heart on a leap day--that must mean something cosmic, right?

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