24 January 2015

To Finally Finding It

Bastille Live in Manila

If it is right, it happens. Nothing good gets away.

If there is one greatest and life-altering thing that traveling has taught me, it is this: No matter how you plan, and no matter how these plans fail, you are always, always at the right place at the right time. The universe unfolds as it should, when it should, and how it should. It’s timing is impeccable. Trust it.

I was alone at a show of a band that I loved. I knew that moment when the finale song was at its highest, as the people were, too, and I was looking up with my arms stretched upward, towards white confetti falling on my face, I was meant to be there. Despite almost not making it. Despite being there by a thin, sheer, dumb chance. I was meant to be there. And I was meant to be there as I was—blissfully alone. And happy. And feeling so damn free.

These emotions showered over me like one of those bright confetti falling all around, that suddenly I was bursting with glee. It filled me up, until it was spilling out of me that some escaped in form of water through my eyes. It wasn’t just about the show. No. It was…everything. It was 2014 being such a remarkable year that showed me, taught me, so much. It was 2015 being suddenly here. So bright. So present. And sprawled out before me so magnificently ripe with possibilities.

Standing there in a rain of bliss, I thought about my big plan this year. And how my soul tells me that this is something. That it will change me in ways bigger than I already have been in just the past year and a half of exploring.

Something beautiful is coming. I know it. I feel it.

And I cannot wait to find it, greet it, grab it in between of my shivering palms, and finally say to it the words that have been waiting to spill out of my mouth all this time:

"I have waited my whole damn life for you."