16 February 2013

freeways & flight

It's only February, but things are looking up. My friends and I have already booked for our first travel for the year, I became a parent to a two-month old Golden Retriever, and another personal project is in the works. Things are not so bad in the personal department as well. Everywhere I look, things are happening and seemingly falling into place like I've never seen before. It's exciting and scary at the same time though I've been trying my best to keep the latter at bay. Now is not the time for doubts. My life right now is not perfect, of course it isn't, but the important thing is that I feel good about things.

We recently just turned the Chinese calendar; and as Feng Shui experts say, this is going to be a really, really good year for the year of the horse, which, coincidentally, is my year. I mean, I've never been suspicious, but isn't that lovely to the ears. Well, life, bring it on. 'Cause I'm ready for the good stuff now.

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