25 September 2012

On Losing the Fear of Being Wrong

The Bedroom Hour

I don't even know how to blog here anymore. I've been very busy with a lot of things. First of all, my best friend in the whole wide world has moved with her family to Canada, so the past month had been an endless series of going-away house parties, dinner dates, more parties, and hanging out. Second, I've been spending a lot of time at my other blog, if I'm not working, which I also usually am. A month ago (though I might have deleted this post), I blogged about how I'm re-launching the site with a promise to write better, and be more consistent as I never am with my (many) sites. Heck, I even opened a Twitter account for it.

All these, I faced with shaky hands and a lot fear and self-doubt. Will I pull this off? Am I good enough? What will people think? But there's this new thing I'm trying out which I think is working wonders--to not freaking care. I attended a debut a few weeks ago, and the birthday wish I so bravely announced in public, is for the celebrant to have courage. I think the happiest, most content people in life are those who were always brave to try out the things they wanted to do. I think I would be a bigger phony than what I worry myself to be if I didn't live by my bold advice. There's also this famous anonymous quote that I've been seeing literally everywhere on the internet: "To live a creative life, we must lose the fear of being wrong." Whoever said that must have been in that position to be wise enough to know.

So, yes. I packed my fear and started this little project without any more over-thinking. I just did.

To my surprise, since the month of it's unofficial re-launch, things have been going really well. I've (virtually) met a number of people--music bloggers, artists/bands, music lovers--and the response/support I'm getting from friends, and even strangers, really warms my heart. It may not be as much as other bigger projects out there, but enough. Enough for me, because I never really expected much or anything at all, really, when I started all this.

The biggest thing I have on the blog right now is my monthly feature wherein I write about a band and their music and even conduct a brief Q&A with them. Read more about the series here. My very first feature is music by The Bedroom Hour, a UK alternative/rock band. Find more about them by clicking this link.

Oh and that thing about Tisa leaving, that's another story.

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