30 August 2012

Saguijo: Identikit & Paranoid City

A very outdated post. This was back in July, the first time I ever got to watch Identikit play. Their drummer is my friend's boyfriend, and through all this time they've been together (that's quite some time), I have never once been to their gig despite the perpetual invites. Not that I am against hanging out at these type of places, I do find myself in one of these scenes from time to time, but whenever I am, I always find myself complaining about the loud music, intimidated by all the hipsters (aka cool-looking people) surrounding me, and nursing a very bad headache. As a result, I most usually end up wishing I was home, under my comfortable sheets and watching a rom-com movie. I know; I worry so much about all sorts of unimportant and most petty things.

BUT, like always, at the end of these days, I most usually end up having a pretty good time. And this night at Saguijo was not any different. Instead of wishing I was home (being uncool and all), I was cursing myself for not going the many times before. Identikit and their friends from Paranoid City are bands to watch out for. I've only listened to a few songs from both bands prior to that show, but during their performances, most especially during Paranoid City whose music is more upbeat, I found myself stomping my feet, jumping shyly along with the more-ecstatic crowd and sporting a sincere grin across my goddamn chubby face.

I had such a good time, I just couldn't resist buying Paranoid City's album after. So yeah, if you're a huge indie music fan and you haven't seen them play live yet, you are missing out on a lot. Check out their upcoming shows on their Facebook pages: Identikit & Paranoid City, and catch them live asap before they're super famous!

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