05 August 2012

Szymborska & the King

Amidst some (very) busy weeks of work this July, my friends and I found refuge in the form of a beautiful bedroom and a will-do view of a beach during our company outing. The beach, however, wasn't even close to will-do, so we didn't dip a single toe in it. Bit disappointing, because I was really looking forward to the swim. Good thing the team activities kept us busy. And even though nobody originally wanted to do any of those (most just wanted to sit/sleep/drink/relax), we all ended up having a pretty good time. Everyone's lazy asses were forced to go full-on game face; dodgeball sucked the life out of me! My lungs were never built for running. In the end though, my team, Green team, was hailed champion for The Games. As for me and my friends, most of our time was wasted eating (chocolates or Jalapeno Cheetos), talking about the complexity of the women's mind and how it can't be helped, taking pictures and recording videos of each other while eating Yakee, a very sour candy-coated bubblegum. It was pretty fun.

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