10 November 2011

You Are Loved: Jason Mraz Live in Manila 2011

October 23, 2011. Jason Mraz back in Manila for the 3rd time! The concert was held at Araneta Colliseum. Been a forever fan of Mr. A-Z, so this was a concert not to be missed especially since I haven't seen him live before. I went with my friends Tisa, Chase, Matt and Ryan.

The concert was, for lack of better term, fucking AMAZING. It didn't leave me with a high that lasted for a month like The Script did (the last concert I've been to), I didn't really expect it anyway since Jason's was an acoustic night, but it was great anyway. Jason's got that suave in his voice that gives you the chills; the good kind of chills. At some points, I'd close my eyes--it was something akin to heavenly. And the moves! Oooh, the sexy dance moves! He's got the groove alright. Also, shying away from the backpacker vibe we've all gotten used to, he even sported this hippie attitude. What with his messy long hair, the yellow bandanna, and the t-shirt that shouted PEACE. The look was a little Jesus-y, but I love it!

Jason's got magic in his music. the best part for me was his covers of other famous songs. Not that I don't like his songs, of course I do, but hearing favorite songs from other great artists sang by Jason was a breath of fresh air. My favorite cover would have to be a tie between Across The Universe by The Beatles and Fly Me To The Moon by Bart Howard. He also did a cover of Wonderwall by Oasis which was also beautiful. As for his songs I really loved A Beautiful Mess, If It Kills Me, The Remedy, and Please Don't Tell Her, which I only heard for the first time at the concert. My favorite part though, was during the encore, when he sang lines that the audience had to sing after him, and after some time he was just making funny noises and everyone was just laughing. Awe moment, Mraz in a shockingly beautiful (alarmingly high) falsetto! Like an angel singing through the domes of Araneta!

We noticed a lot of people wearing fedora hats the moment we got to Araneta Center, so my friends and I decided to do a count. We even entered the Big Dome quite early to get decent seats, and we killed time by counting as many people (and careful not to repeat anyone we've counted already) wearing the hats! By the end of the night, the final count? A smashing 78. Now that's still a small number compared to the number of concert-goers, but 78? Admit it, that's a lot, and doesn't normally just happen. I just wonder how much those people we're disappointed that Jason emerged with no shoes on and a bandanna on his head instead.

And lastly, before I wrap-up this entry, I forgot to mention Toca Rivera, the big guy on the percussions who was just as awesome. I heard from a guy wearing a prod ID say to someone: "Do you know that he doesn't have a set list?" which was pretty awesome. No wonder Jason and Toca had quite some talks in between songs. GENIUS.

Off to Araneta with Chase and Tisa

Left the house while mom was out. She left this note on my mirror for me. :)

I leave you now with a video of Jason Mraz's cover of Across the Universe with Dawn Mitschele. Also, here's a link to his cover of Fly Me To The Moon. As Jason Mraz sang in his concert, you are loved! So smile and enjoy! :)

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