02 November 2011

6 things in October

A lot of things have happened since my last post here. It has been a truly busy month for me at work, but a lot have happened outside of that too. And actually, things have been going pretty well. I'll try my best to blog about everything, because I have tons of pictures I can't wait to share as well, but for now I'm doing it the I-can't-wait-to-go-back-to-bed way. Like I said a lot has happened, but here's the 6 most memorable events of the past month:

1. A friend of mine, Vanessa, who was my best friend's housemate in LB, got employed at Toolbox where I work. We've had such a blast since she entered.

Photobooth whores

2. Mark, my long-time friend and also Vanessa's boyfriend, left the country to work in an IT company in Singapore. We threw him a surprise, going-away party at his house.

Bon Voyage cake: Mango Bravo from Contis

3. I went to see Peter Pan the musical. (Yes, the one I auditioned for and didn't get in and blah blah blah)

Second star to the right, straight on till morning

4. I finally saw Jason Mraz perform live in a concert! More reason to be excited: watched it with my best friends Tisa, Chase and Matt!

Mr. A-Z!

5. Fulfilled my life-long dream of becoming a Jedi.

Halloween 2011

6. Finally found the courage to quit my job.

The Last Logout

Now, about number 6, it still hasn't sunk in for me as well. I know early this year I may have ranted a whole lot about wanting to get away from the place and such, but just to make it clear, I didn't leave at all for those reasons. The last couple of months have been really great, and I cannot be more thankful for all the experience, the priceless things I have learned, and the wonderful people I have met and made friends with. I left for one reason and one reason alone: I simply do not see myself in advertising many years from now. I may have spent a year with them, but I am still the same person as I was when I first entered their doors. All along, I have been carrying with me the very same dreams. I have become comfortable and happy, and that scared the hell out of me. The last thing I wanted was to be comfortable at a place I never planned to stay long at. So I hopped off when I got the chance.

We are not old, but we are not getting any younger, either. Tisa said that to be able to say that you are working towards a dream, every step made should only be towards that dream. No sidesteps. And when life throws a curve ball, improvise. That's the least we can do at least.  So yes, this is me improvising. (I think)

Here's to being bold and brave!


  1. TSS <--For Chase.

    Anyway, I want to be a Jedi, too! :)

  2. I expected worse from his comment, so I'm okay with this. Haha. You can borrow my costume, bes! :)