28 January 2011

Lucky stars.

This past Christmas, my bestfriend gave me a lovely pink, brown-polkadotted umbrella. I only got the gift this January though, which is sad, because we live in the same neighborhood, work in the same city, but barely meet. This is what adulthood, I think, can do to even the strongest of friendships. But distance is nothing, really—to a friendship like ours. It doesn’t matter even one bit. 

The letter goes, as dated December 2010

Merry Christmas! The most literal sense of this present, come to think of it can be traced back to two seemingly sunny visits to Makati. Both visits, we’ve forgotten or decided not to bring umbrellas, and both visits, as if a joke between the Gods, it rained. So bring this always, and never mind the weather.
This is to protect you from the many rainy days this 2011, although I hope there will only be a few. And even fewer of the “rainy (lonely) days” we both know so well. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, this 2011 you’ll be able to share its shade with someone other than me, or your other friends. You know what I mean. I love you! Merry Christmas!

When I finished, I rushed to the bathroom and cried. I don’t know why. But I was sure they were tears of happiness rather than of sadness. Happy of the friendship I share with this wonderful woman, happy because good words came at a time I really needed one, and happy of the new hope that 2011 brings.

I’m done having crappy years. This year will be a good one. I promise.

As to you, my bestfriend, if the man never comes around, I don’t really give a damn. I’ve been sharing everything—not only shades of umbrellas—with you, and will still continue to do so, gladly, even when the right guy finally comes around. 


  1. Remember we spent New Year's eve last year? And we were pretty damn sure 2010 was gointo be awesome, and - it wasn't hahaha

    I hope you're right. I hope this year will be different. If you're wrong and it turns out otherwise, then at least you're right about one thing, we have each other. So I challenge the clouds (because I dare not challenge the heavens) to bring on the heaviest of rains (imagine me with arms wide open toward the clouds screaming "BRING IT ON BITCH!" HAHA)because I know I'll never have to get rained on alone. I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK, OVER AN OVER.

  2. What are you saying! 2010 was okay. Well, okay. It wasn't awesome but it was alright at least.
    What I mean is, we got jobs now. We're out there. That's a start. Now all we have to do is do our best everyday and be patient. And yeah, besides neither of us have to get rained on alone. I LOVE YOU TOO!

  3. 2010 wasn't okay. The first few months were all right, but it was during these months that I left LB. So the highlight of my 2010 was leaving LB, which was, and still is beyond saaaad! AND we bummed for months. That's like wasting half our year. Seriously, last year was far from awesome. Nothing happened. Nothing big. Nothing small, even.

    Anyway it's 2011 now, so, I'm over it. Happy days are coming, I can feel it in the wind. Haha