25 December 2010

Merry Christmas, folks.

Even if this wasn't the best Christmas, there are still so much to be thankful for. Not many things happened this year ( I think), but mostly I think this has been a year for new things. A year of transition. This year I left student-hood (if ever there is such a word), parted my dear friends whose faces I've seen everyday for the past four years and still can never get enough of. And this year I did things for myself (in that long span of time I was a bum)--things that I missed like playing music, writing, reading, watching endless movies, drawing, and writing some more. This year, like any other year, I experienced heartaches, almost unbearable pain, but nothing one quick prayer couldn't ease. I've also proven to myself that good things indeed come to those who wait. And that certain things, when meant for you, will always be for you. I learned not to fret, or ever doubt my self and the circumstance I am in. And to trust that if ever I lose anything or not obtain something that is most dear to me, it simply means that it is not for me, and that something better is bound to come my way. Something made especially for me. Like a job, maybe, that you're really enjoying because of the great people and the plain satisfaction of it all. Especially when it's something you've wanted since you were 11.

Come to think of it. I am not the best kid around, that's for sure. But somehow I'm blessed with such wonderful things that most of the time I feel unworthy of it all. But to my wonderful family, my beautiful friends, and for all the lessons learned and important realizations in 2010, a huge thanks anyway. You make my life utterly complete.

Now, I barely do cheesy but today's Christmas for chrissake! So pardon my sentiments, and accept this little but heartfelt greeting of mine: Merry Christmas! (click here) 

As the song goes, have yourself a merry Christmas. So spread the love, and have a good one, people.


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