27 July 2010

And the long wait is finally over

Of course I will be blogging about this! Of course!

It was a super Friday as I was reunited with my bestfriends to watch the opening night of the broadway musical CATS Now and Forever at CCP. And ah, the experience was truly magical! The movements were so precise--like real Cats--that at some scenes I was actually watching the hovering cats at the back rather than the ones performing up front. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. The whole almost-3-hours of it. (3 hours of awesome song and dance and awesome lights and moving set props)

And of course Leah Salonga was there, playing Grizabella, a worn-out cat, who wishes to become a part of the Jennicle Cats. (Methaphorical cats, they sang) And that's when she sings the beautiful ballad Memories that I've only fully appreciated because of the show. Surely, it is a song whose beauty can only be understood by the ones who know the story of Grizabella, The Glamorous Cat. And ah, it was breath-taking. Leah Salonga's voice is so distinctively beautiful. Prejudice aside, her voice stood out from the rest. And at the finale, when again she sang her song, not in the mellow manner she did during the first time, but in full power, belting out with her arms stretched out on either side, it was a glorious moment. For her or for me, I am not sure. For I was on the verge of tears! Beautiful. And of course the crowd went wild, giving out the loudest applause of the entire night.

My most awe-moment? The tap dance! Amazing. I've never witnessed a tap dance before. And I'm sure many haven't seen it in that spectacle. Amazing! (have I mentioned it was amazing?) Oh and of course I can not end this blog without mentioning Munkustrap Cat who was the crowd favorite, and Mr. Mistoffelees the great magician cat. All in all, great great show!

There's so much to tell but I'm just gonna stop here and
leave you with a sneak peak of the stage set. :)

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