17 November 2009

Before and After.

They say that life is divided into two periods. The before and after. And I think the border that lies between these two is this single significant event that changed everything - or if possible, YOU.

Although I'm certain I'm way too young to be thinking of my personal Great Wall of China, well - just for conversation's sake, I think mine would be that night I was awakened by my sister coming through the door, and she asked me to sit. It was that night my father had died.

And suddenly everything was completely, and utterly different. I may be young, inexperienced and ordinary in so many ways, but I have seen enough, felt enough, loved enough to know that I might as well have lived a full life.

The Great Wall of China. The only man-made structure visible through the naked eye from the moon. Truly fascinating, yes. But the epic story of why this magnificent structure stands its ground is anything but full of inspiration, nor light. It's dark. Possibly hazy and from that period seemed quite impossible. A product of a great war, the Great Wall of China literally draws the line between love and hate. And the intention to sentry is so intense, that you can see it, a hundreds of thousands away from a place where nothing can stand its ground and nothing is ever constant. No gravity to keep things in place, and no life to ever continue anything.

Life is such a cliche. And unfortunately, I am a part of it. We all are.

Before and after. Before, the Earth was fine. But now there's a wall keeping the Mongols and Chinese apart. Never to cross each other. I was fine. Then a wall was drawn into my life and now I have to wear my heart up my sleeves. Never to cross myself.

I don't get it either.

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