14 September 2014

Chance Encounters

It happened just how all good things in life usually do—unexpectedly. A month ago, in the most unlikely of places, I crossed paths with a beautiful nomadic soul. Someone whose adventures and inspiring work I have long been a fan of. I wasn’t supposed to be there. Surely, I didn’t plan it. But that weekend I wandered away trying to find peace and healing, and instead I found her, and she found me. And that is how I know that everything in life is meant to be.

One night, we were all gathered by the pool, sitting at the edge of it with our feet dipped in the waters. Not a speck of star was in the sky. But it didn’t matter, for we had the light in our hands. Cradling one between her palms, my new friend said that we should always follow our fears, for freedom is on the other side. It made me think about all the things that scared me, and decided that even with buckling knees, I shall march towards all of them. I leave it to my fears to transcend me. After all, I just want to be free.

That weekend I was overcome with joy just to be surrounded by people who shared my belief of cosmic encounters. We sat in a circle, listening to each other’s deep passions for nature, travel, and this otherworldly life not every one easily understands. And I felt nurtured by each and every one of them. When the sun was in passing, we all did yoga together, silenced by the cool wind breezing through the curves of our bodies, birds chirping from above us, and the sound of sea celebrating such good-natured gathering of kindred people from the distance.

The universe knows how your soul should be healed. Sometimes it sends you to moments, to places, and sometimes it sends you to the right people. But like providence, that weekend, I was sent towards all of those.

It is a constant and tedious thing, to learn and to unlearn, but for now at least this one thing I am certain of Wander this life with your heart wide open, and you might just be surprised with all the good things that suddenly come pouring in.

"And the stars continue to shed its gold to feed our hungry souls. As we wander blindly through ambiguity.
Because innately, our starving insides know. There is no other place to go but everywhere."

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