09 October 2013

Away From Here

Steph and I have been secretly working on a project, and it's finally up! The project was conceived over two months ago during a usual night of exchanging interesting travel articles over Facebook Messenger. We send too much of the like to each other, that eventually we had to have place to store everything in, "for future reference," we agreed. We decided we wanted the blog to have its own travel articles as well; stories that other drifters-at-heart might find at least a bit of inspiration from, as we do from other travel blogs. Thus, the conception of Encounters--a series on stories from the road, as told by travelers themselves. I wrote the first one, as an introduction to the whole thing. I wrote about my experience in Hong Kong because that's when all this lust for travel began, after all.

We are currently pooling entries, so if you are a traveler at heart, and have, in one of your travels, encountered something special (or funny or interesting), then we'd love to hear your story. Send us an email at awayfromhereblog@gmail.com.

Odd cities. Strangers. Cheap beers. Shabby hostels. Let's pin our maps and run our hands across the entire world. Let's travel.


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