27 June 2013

we all are strangers

The sad thing about meeting and making friends with strangers on your travels is the part where you eventually have to go on your separate ways. You promise to keep in touch, and maybe even to see each other again sometime in the shady future, but inside your head you’re already taking a mental picture because you know this could be the last time you’ll ever see them. Despite this, you try to bury the doubt anyway. Because who can say what’s to happen? He's a free-spirited traveler who never had the knack for plans, and though you may be an ordinary twenty-something stuck between a job and a hunger to see the world, things turn around. And we might just be in right place when that happens.

And so you hold on to what little, albeit precious, memories you had with these fascinating souls, living vicariously through them and their stories. You have that, at least—memories and stories. And for now, that’s enough to hold on to.

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