23 November 2012

In the Garden Where We Lay

My mom has a green thumb. We used to have a garden complete with green Bermuda grass and beautiful flowers--I had a favorite fluffy pink one that only grows in the spring--but things get difficult sometimes and as my mom says, there were more important things than plants. I wish my niece could have seen how pretty what little space we had for a garden back then; I'm sure she'd appreciate it very much.

She and I have been going out there every morning to feed her new pets: four Gold Fishes. Instead of placing them in an aquarium though, her dad placed Ariel, Fish, Fish and Fish (the fishes' names, according to my niece) in a clear bowl with broken pieces of clay pot in it and a single plant sprouting from the middle.

One time we went to feed Ariel, Fish, Fish and Fish and they all were scurried beneath the clay pot rubble. And I had to listen to Rae call out to them for quite some time yelling in the adorable way little kids do: "Come out fish! I have your breakfast, fish! Come out of the water, fish!" That was when I burst out laughing telling her the fish can't came out of the water because they'll die. To which she responded "they'll die?" Again, in that adorable quizzical tone little kids make. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have the faintest concept of what to die means, but it was still very funny.

This was one of those mornings. And I love those mornings.

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