23 June 2012

the view from up there

Went to Caleruega last week with the entire family to take our lolo (grandfather) out for some fresh air and celebrate Father's Day. I've never been there before, and I was surprised with how beautiful the place is. The photo above was taken on the road and not even at the exact place yet. The view can easily pass for Tuscany, don't you think? Tuscany's one of my most favorite places; I've always said it's where I'd like to settle down (after New York of course). But seeing the view to Caleruega, I realized how the Philippines is beautiful in so many ways. It's a shame most of us couldn't care less.

After Calereuga, we also went down to the beach where I had a nice talk with my uncle who's a photography enthusiast. He taught me a lot of tips and tricks. I realized how wrongly I've been setting my camera in different scenes! I really enjoyed leaning from him though it was quite limited; he's using a Nikon while mine's a Canon, so there were things he couldn't teach me. At the end of the conversation, it all boiled down to just experiment with it which, I think, is an extremely important thing. Experimenting.

Anyway, this is just a quick update before my day starts to get busy. My lolo is in the hospital since yesterday, I have tons of work to do, and my friend is visiting from Australia so we've got our own plans as well. I've also been watching Game of Thrones (finally) and still fumbling with a lot of Photoshop on the side. Hopefully, I get to post the photos from last weekend soon! The photo above is a bit dim because it was so foggy that day up there. Bit cold as well and the wind, roaring mad. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every bit of the trip. Caleruega's worth the travel.

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