08 May 2012

I was made for sunny days

I can't believe it's been more than a week since we flew to Boracay for Labor Day weekend. Exactly a week ago, at this hour, I was getting drunk with margarita at Two Seasons while munching on with the most delicious vegetarian pizza ever at our hotel room savoring the air-conditioning and watching TV. I really was at Two Seasons earlier though, before I got sick of the heat (it was said to be 38 degrees that day) and decided to freshen up with a bath. It was a lame way to enjoy my stay at Boracay; it was my first visit there after all, but I am really not such a fan of big crowds. And it is crowded out there--going on a holiday weekend was a big mistake.

I must say, Boracay isn't quite what I expected. The way my friends raved about it during their previous trips, people saying it's paradise--it's not. The beach front is full of establishments, it's noisy, and people are just walking everywhere. There's just no sense of relaxation there. And I'm pretty sure there wasn't a bar by the shore in paradise. Now, don't get me wrong; Boracay is beautiful. The sand is inimitable, and the water, pool-like. Maybe I'm just overwhelmed with the people, the parties, and such. Last December, in Anvaya, Subic, we just laid by the beach, listened to music, had a few drinks, played some volleyball, and I loved it. It was perfect. Same with when my friends and I rented a beautiful beach house in Calatagan a year ago. It was so relaxed and peaceful; that night we even made a bonfire by the beach. I didn't feel that during my stay in Boracay. The most relaxation I got was those few hours of hiatus in our hotel room watching a good episode of Glee.

The best part though, the thing I really loved, was the food! My favorites would have to be Zuzuni's Lamb Keftedes (I love lamb; one reason why I can never be a vegan) their delectable Matis Chocolate Sin (rightfully named), and Lemon iCafe's Fresh Tuna Sandwich. Their dessert, Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse, is also heavenly. I usually do not like peanut butter, but this one I just had to make an exception for.


  1. I heard what you said (that it is not paradise), but I SAW THE PICS too...hmm...they say pics don't lie! ;)

    1. Hahaha. You're the right. The pictures don't lie. I did say in my post, the place is undoubtedly beautiful. What I merely found to be not-so-paradise about it is how commercialized and packed the place is. But beautiful, nonetheless. I'll just have to pick a more nondescript week next time I visit, so I can get the peace I want. :) I'd still recommend it, though! You must experience the sand. It's one of a kind. ;)