24 December 2011

Thank you. More please.

In a couple more hours, it will be officially Christmas. I have always declared myself a big fan of the Christmas season; the streets look so beautiful with all the jolly lights, the chilly winds, the bustle of happy people everywhere. And inside the home, hot chocolate, mom's home made baked macaroni, and Christmas carols softly playing in the living room in the morning.

Last night, my friends and I had a little Christmas dinner at our friend's house. Nothing grand--just barbecue and grilled tuna and Chickenjoy and lots of chips. There was Monopoly too, though we never really got to that. And of course there's Ken's special margarita. There always has to be margarita. Except for the fact that it was a beautiful house, everything else was pretty much simple. No fancy dresses, plates and wine glasses; just friends, familiar banter, and gifts. We all went home pretty full, if you know what I mean. If there is one thing I am very much thankful for this year, it is the new friendships I have formed with such amazing people. Steph, Ken, Gel, Vane and Ryan to top the list.

Plans that involve film schools, New York and plane rides have been recently rekindled as well. Though this has been a long dream of mine, somewhere between my bitter years, I might have forgotten with partly an acceptance that it never will happen. Somewhere in my yesteryears, I was a girl with an enthusiasm towards the world. I try to be that girl again, lately. It helps a lot when you find a similar soul as you, looking at the same direction, as it sparks the passion back to life. I had my passion recently brought back to life. I thank God for that old soul.

Years from now, I know I'll look back to remember 2011 as the year so many beautiful adventures started (or were conceived). This has been one great year. I like to think that though I may have had a lot of my somber episodes this year, this is also the year I learned courage. I learned that to be brave doesn't mean not to feel any fear, but to feel fear, but to jump anyway. I learned to jump. And I learned to say, this too shall pass, in the face of being disheartened, because they really always do.

What I'm trying to say is, I may not have been too religious this year, nor have I been vocal about gratefulness, but know that I am. I am grateful everyday. So, THANK YOU. As the movie Happythankyoumoreplease says, say thank you, and the universe will reward you more happiness.

To get you into the Christmas mood, here is a beautiful rendition of a classic Christmas song by one of my favorite artists, Matt Giraud. Happy listening, and I wish you all a warm and lovely Christmas. :)

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