07 June 2011

Concoctions of a Pretty Awesome Night

Tried and tested by yours truly and friends. Satisfaction guaranteed!

1. Old friends

2. A place to crash

3. Food and Booze!

4. Pretty Ladies (HA)

5. Cute BOYS (a must)

6. Best Friends

7. Good friends you haven't seen in too long

8. Novelty Gifts

9. Funny videos to remember the night by

10. Salt for Tequila

11. Tequila

11. Hugs

12. Souuunds

14. Throwing up

15. Dancing

16. Games

17. A toast to seal the night

Avhie, one of my closest friends in college, leaves in two days to live with her mom in Dubai. You will truly be missed Avs, even if you ridiculously think that we'll forget about you, I promise you we won't. To forget you is to forget the 5 wonderful years we spent together--all that booze, all that dancing, all the ridiculous jokes, pranks and impulsive trips to Cavite. No. You will never be forgotten. Someday, maybe, we'll get used to being apart, but forgotten? Never.

Bon Voyage, my friend. No goodbyes, for I shall see you again! :)


  1. Thanks nic! grabe mamimiss ko lahat ng mga pinagagawa natin with the whole gang..promise walang kalimutan?? yes see you sooon it won't be long.. ;)

  2. Haha. You will be missed Avs. We'll see you soon. :)Find a rich man in Dubai and bring us home some gold bars! Haha