27 August 2009

the unusual time traveler

This past week passed in a blur. It ended as soon as it started. Perhaps that’s what happens when you’ve spent the last seven days living in your own world, listening to sad songs and writing blogs you won’t ever post, just for the sake of retelling how tragic your life is.

But still, it doesn’t stop me from sitting here in front of my desktop catching my breath like I’ve just ran a marathon, though. Ironic.

Although I know I have to. Least for me though. It’s really more for the sake of all the jeepney drivers I’ve forgotten to pay my fare to. While I was sitting there in commute, my mind somewhere else, and then a sudden halt would wake me up form my trance and make me realize, I should be getting off now - totally forgetting to pay fare. Sorry manong!

I feel like my eyes are so expressionless lately. Like a sane zombie or something. It feels like I’m always floating in the air. And not in a good way. It’s like walking on the street of this big city I love, along with the sea of people, but in my point of view, none of them existed - only me, the empty street, and this heavy baggage in my chest.

Crossing the streets of a busy city when you don’t even realize you’re walking? Not good either. Unless you have a death wish, that is. Luckily someone was always there to pull me back, motorists honking their horn angrily at me.

For the sake of all the people I’ve bumped into, accidentally hit my bag with because I’ve been carrying it around like a sheet of paper, still least for me, I know, I have to pull myself together.

I’ve been thinking of things too much, I’ve regretted to think of me.

I think too much.

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