14 November 2012


Putting up a photo I took of Connor Hanwick just to have something--anything--new in this near-dead blog. Yesterday, I was half decided in giving this blog up, and today, I just spent the whole afternoon tinkering on a new layout. I don't get myself most of the time, really.

Speaking of I don't get myself, it's that time of the year again. And oh dear god, I don't mean Christmas. I hope I'd hear really good news soon (I don't know what though), or get a chance to go on a big trip, or buy something extravagant for myself and not feel a wee bit guilty. Because that's all I've been feeling lately. Dying my hair blonde (and this morning, violet) also traipsed across my mind, and if you think that's extreme, well, there was also a split-second thought of actually shaving my head. Because why not? Natalie Portman rocked that look. And then I remembered Britney Spears...well, the cuckoo train stopped there. I swear I think about anything these days. And if I don't do something, I might just go crazy.


  1. Why not just get full bangs? Haha that's what I always end up doing, and I always end up regretting it. Get a tattoo or something. Or if you really want something big (extravagant, even), then get a freaking visa and fly to me :)

    1. Short bangs annoy me. I like putting my hair in a bun. Tattoos are out of the question, too. I'll probably regret it after I'm done admiring it (aside from the fact that my mom will cry rivers if I do). Flying--definitely. Get me a plane ticket to you for Christmas and let's spend New Year in New York!