21 August 2012

YABU: House of Katsu

YABU: House of Katsu
Manga-decorated walls
Appetizers P195
Superior Potato and Egg Salad
Sesame Grinder
Rosu Katsudon P315
Salmon Seafood Katsu Set P435

I've always disliked big malls because apart from it always being crowded, it was always a dilemma on where to eat. My bestfriend and I were at Megamall one time and have already walked some distance enough to make our stomachs grumble just for looking for a place to eat. We found ourselves standing before Yabu deciding on whether we were in the mood for Japanese food or not (but really, that was just me being polite; I love Japanese food and therefore always in the mood for it). We've heard good things about the place from our friends, and because neither of us have tried it, we finally paraded through the front doors and were assisted by their very assisting maitre d'.

For the appetizer, you can choose two out of four selections: Edamame (young soy beans) Potato and Egg salad, Wakame (seaweed salad) and Hiyayakko Tofu (tofu cubes in ponzu sauce). We were supposed to order the seaweed salad as recommended by our friend, but was told that it was unavailable. He extended his apologies and explained that the seaweed they used came directly from Japan, and due to recent heavy rains have been hard to acquire. Anyway, we ended up ordering Edamame and the Potato salad which both turned out to be pretty good. Quite frankly, Yabu's Edamame was not at all bad, but I've had better. It's just Edamame, I know, but as my friend and I discussed over several empty bean pods, we're not as crazy over it as we usually are when it's from Omakase. The potato salad, on the other hand, we both really enjoyed. Well, we love potato!

For the main dish, Tisa had the Rosu Katsudon which the maitre d' explained as porkloin (Yes, kids. When you do not understand food in the menu, it's always best to ask rather than go shotgun on your order all for the sake of your pride). It was really tender and quite delectable. I usually am not a fan of Katsudon because I feel the sauce are always a bit of an overkill, but this one was quite good--just the perfect amount of sweet and salty that doesn't send my head off into a migraine. 

I had the Salmon Katsu. This is the "House of Katsu" after all. And, ladies and gentlemen, the name does not disappoint. I love how the breading was not at all oily unlike in other places I've been to. The salmon? I love salmon, and have therefore tasted a variety, but this one is quite unforgettable. When the maitre d' said that it was a great choice, he wasn't kidding. The salmon is divine.

The price is a bit hefty, but the serving's quite large as well. Tisa and I forced everything down our throats even though we were so full because we didn't want such great food to go to waste. Plus, given the nice ambiance of the place and the great service on top of the superb food, I'd say the bucks are well worth it. Heck, they could change their name to "Mecca of Katsu" and Yabu would still not disappoint.

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