11 August 2012

Mama's Oriental Feast

When I asked my mom prior to her birthday what she wanted to do, she said shabu-shabu sounded appealing. I even asked some of my friends what were the best shabu-shabu places in Town and got all sorts of suggestions. And so imagine my surprise when the day of her birthday, I come home to a house swarming with guests (but really just her sisters) and a table full of all sorts of things oriental. There were three sets of ceramic teapots and cups, chopsticks, and food that would last enough for days (and we really ended up eating the leftovers for a few days). Fish katsu, vegetables, noodles, sushi, tofu, crackers, steamed chicken, and all sorts of rolls. When my mom said she wanted shabu-shabu, I assumed she wanted to eat out. It never occurred to me that she wanted to prepare it herself. You see, contrary to my absence of any kind of talent in the kitchen, my mom is a master. I know everyone says this about their moms, but I swear on my future grave that my mom is indeed a master. Why'd you think I'd be so chubby? I kind of also blame her that I never know how to cook anything--I never found the reason to learn. She does it so well and I was always satisfied.

The celebration was cut short due to a family emergency (my cousin gave birth!), so unfortunately the only thing I was able to take pictures of are the half-eaten food. But anyway.

To my mom, my beautiful, loving mama, my love for you (and your cooking) is immeasurable. Happy birthday!

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