02 June 2012

How May was spent

The rest of May has been pretty much spent with family. As a working person, I technically should not have a summer vacation, but with how the past month's been spent, I can say I did have one. Work's been lean, so I have been working from home for a month. I haven't seen, or heard from, my friends--all except for my guy best friend, Chase, and Jear or Shiela for our weekly coffee date. Other than that, nada. And though I miss them, I cannot help but feel so glad for having spent so much time with my cousins. I am always the busy one; the one with the plans, and so getting to be there for every get together, for a change, was nice. Most of my cousins are students in their summer vacation, so we were together a lot. I even taught them how to make friendship bracelets! They were always so curious about the bracelets I made, and so one trip to the mall, we hoarded threads at a bookstore and started weaving right then and there while our mothers went shopping. They enjoyed it a lot. It's quite therapeutic, I tell you.

Another thing has been keeping me busy--badminton! During the span of summer, my cousins and I would go to the neighborhood clubhouse twice or thrice a week to play badminton. It's been a hobby of ours, until my aunt decided to arrange a little tournament within our family. My uncle is having a basketball league for the employees of his company, so we share their venue every Saturday. And that's what our Saturdays had become--a sports extravaganza. Basketball, badminton, and a little volleyball on the side. I can't express how relieved I am with being active again. Since I stopped dancing, the most physical activity I get is walking and munching, if jaw activity counts.

And, at the end of the day, as reward to our overworked bodies, nothing refreshes like a good treat. Strawberry shake or sometimes, ice cream. Whatever will help gain back all the calories we just lost! Haha

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