29 January 2012

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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Okay. So I may have cheated. In my last post, I said that I was currently reading The God of Small Things. That didn't work out quite as well as I had hoped. I was barely into the second chapter when I got bored. That happens, right? I was told it is a pretty good read, it did win a Booker Prize after all, and though I honestly believe so, I just decided to go for some light reads for a while. So I picked up The Hunger Games. This was actually my Christmas gift to Matt--didn't buy one for me since I was never really interested--but eventually got curious when my best friend talked it up to me. I was able to finish it within a few days (my fastest in a while) and I must say, It's pretty addicting! It's a simple read because of Suzanne Collin's light language, but the plot's good. I couldn't put the book down. I haven't felt that way about a book since my Harry Potter days, which I gravely miss, so I feel glad having something of the same genre to be excited about. I finished it today. I read the last line over and over, and flipped through the next pages even though they were empty, just because it was difficult to accept that the book really has ended. Anyway, I ended up watching the movie trailer several times on YouTube just to satiate my ridiculous craving. And even though I am deeply disappointed with the cast, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and god forbid, Liam Hemsworth, nonetheless, I am still very excited. It is definitely going to be a long, difficult wait until March.

"His voice isn't angry. It's hollow, which is worse. Already, the boy with the bread is slipping away from me. I take his hand, holding it tightly, preparing for the cameras, and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go."

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