19 November 2011

Remember the reason why you are here.

I should be headed towards the beach since 30 minutes ago, but since people are (always) running late and they won't be picking me up in god knows how long, let me tell you first stuff that's been lately.

Well, first, I am now officially a Writing Consultant. I mentioned in a previous blog that I already, finally, quit my job. I had to go through a training process though, which means it wasn't a sure thing that I'd get accepted when I quit. Risky, what I did, I know. But as Vincent Van Gogh says: "What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" Anyway, I survived with almost-flying colors, so YAY.

Sometimes I still wonder, though, if I did the right thing. I (somehow) loved my last job. But I figured I'll never really know until I know. I keep on reminding myself why I am here, but I swear just as easy as I remind myself, that's how easy I forget as well, that I have to do the reminding every 30 freaking minutes. True story.

One thing that I really like about my job though, is the (sort of) teaching. Is it really true that there is wisdom in teaching? Even if 7 out of 10 essays would be such a painful task of reading through essays you barely can understand, I also learn a lot from them. We'd get all sorts of papers. My favorite type though is when it's about literature. I usually spend longer time with these essays compared to others. One time I received a paper on the literary analysis of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald--one of my most favorite books! Boy, I poured my heart out on that one. Oh, me and my biases. Yesterday, I received an essay from a dancer studying ballet. She was writing a paper on handling criticism. The last rule in handling criticism, based on the article she was writing about, is to be kind to yourself. And under that it says (this is my favorite part):

Remember the reason why you are here.

There was a five-second pause in my clock as I remembered the big plan. This was the plan. This IS the plan. This is the reason why I am here. Most of the time it sounds so foolish and far-off even to my ears, but if I don't believe in it, who else will? But never mind that now. Right now, I am just trying to take things slow. One day at a time.

But, anyway. How about you? If I asked you why you are here--would you have an answer for me?

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