02 November 2011

Be bold. Be brave.

What I am about to share is an email my former agency received from the Marketing Manager of one of the country's industry giants in food and beverage. My team handled a number of their brands, and in line with team spirit, she sent this to the whole team--hers and ours--for encouragement.

One of the many things I am most thankful for during my stay at Toolbox is the pleasure of having met such intelligent and inspiring people. One of which is Ms. Charmaine, who composed this e-mail.

I find inspiration in little things as this, and I hope that by reading this, you will too. 

Shock and awe 
This is the message I gave my team. And this is also the message I am giving to our ad agency and media agency. 
We cannot afford to be ordinary, we are a nobody in the buss. We have limited monies, thus we need to exaggerate. Or else, we just spend money again for nothing. 
Shock and awe. Surprise us. 
*    *    *   * 
Dear all, 
May I encourage everyone that when we plan our programs, let us take the risk to be different. Strive every day to stand out. Challenge yourself to think out of the ordinary. 
Our budgets are limited, thus we need to EXAGGERATE,  we need to make BOLD moves, we need to do things "bigger". Doing things bigger need not mean spending more. Just do things bigger in order to be noticed since we're nobody. 
Instead of doing 1 step, do 1 big leap. Instead of inhaling, take a heap or gulp of air. Make our rendition OA, as we need to make our presence felt. We can't afford to be ordinary as we are a nobody.  
We are challengers in every aspect and we should be bullish, bold, risk-takers. To a driven person who wants to make things happen, budget is not a hurdle.  If one wants it, there's a way, if one doesn't want it, there's a reason. There are creative executions to exaggerate.  
As I've said, aim is to "shock and awe".  Aim is to shock and awe even yourself. 
Move me in the next presentations, surprise me. Challenge your BHA's to surprise us.  If I don't see surprises, "sayang". 
As they say, stupidity is doing the same things over and over and yet expecting different results.  
This is not a monday morning sermon, rather, this should be an inspiration to make all our craft better. If we want to make a dent, we ourselves should be convinced that WE need to do things differently, from the simplest task of sending an SMS. 
Shock and awe. Be different. Be hungry. 

I deliberately took out some parts, but left the bits I found most moving. And though I know this contains a lot of marketing stuff we don't really care about, looking at the bigger picture, I think these are little things we can apply to our everyday ventures that can result to bigger things. Bigger things such as changing our lives forever, and maybe even fulfilling our dreams, whatever that may be. Lately, my biggest learning is this: if we want change, we must first be brave enough to let go of the comfortable, and create the change ourselves.

Even Robin said to Ted, "You can't always go back to the past, just because it's familiar." 

Be bold. Be brave. 

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