02 October 2011

Happy Birthday Chase!

big sloppy birthday kiss for the birthday boy!

I never thought it possible to love a guy, who is not your brother nor your boyfriend, so much. Then here comes Chase, everyone's favorite guy, and changed all that. Now his best friends are all single, because he set the bar so high. 'Atta boy.

 So for his birthday, I did what I thought I never could do. After work on Friday, I rushed to LB where we celebrated. I stayed up until 5 am, (they stayed up a little while longer) slept for an hour, and rushed all the way back to Makati just in time for my 9am call time at work; armed with a bad headache and a bag of dirty clothes. Working was excruciating. But as per usual, going the extra mile for my best friends are always worth while, especially when the extra mile is LB.

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