24 July 2011

An Open Letter To Arra:

People say a lot of things. What to do, what not to do, but the real decision lies only within you. Everyday we get a chance to make a choice. But now that you're all grown up, you'll find your problems become a little bit bigger too, which requires you to make bigger decisions as well. Most of the time we feel confused, but let me share with you this. I know it can't count for so much, but in my 21 years, here's three important things I have learned:

1. What they teach us about guarding our heart is not entirely correct. All my life I have done nothing but guard my heart, and that has gotten me nowhere. So I say jump. Fall in love, fall hard. Take the risk, and never be afraid of the fall. This is the only way to live happy.

2. Make mistakes. Contrary to what every norm in the universe tells us about doing the right thing, make the mistake. Make the mistake while it's still early, so when the time comes, you will know how to not make the mistake. Because you made it before. That's the only way to know.

3. This too shall pass. I know life is shitty most of the time, and we often wonder why things never seem to get better, but some people are living proof that it does. It may seem hard to believe, but maybe if we believe hard enough, one day it'll become real. So every time you feel like losing hope, say to yourself: this too shall pass. And I promise you it will. 

Now I know I'm just as young, and there are still a million things to learn, but I figured I owe you this much. To tell you facts about life that everyone thinks but never dares to say. Half of the people, when they're older, look back and wish they did those things they never had the guts to do. Let us not be one of them. So jump, make the mistake, and when things get shitty, say: this too shall pass

I think life is supposed to be that way--shitty and unperfect. But I also think that's what makes it so goddamn beautiful. 

So to Arra, the strongest, and most caring person I know, never doubt yourself. Because you are more beautiful than you ever give yourself credit for. We can all attest to that.

So here's to defying the fall, and celebrating 18 years of wonderful. Happy birthday.


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