26 December 2009

Then you sang how I was supposed to belong to you

It's like one of those moments when suddenly everything just falls into place. You can't tell how, or why. It just does. Like falling leaves in autumn - beautiful - even when it's supposedly dying.

It's like one of those moments when suddenly everything just falls into place. Or out of it. Suddenly everything just loses all sense and none of the pieces fit together anymore.

It's like watching fireworks on that chilly evening - one moment everything's all colorful and bright, and full of marvelous wonders, then the next, it's gone. All that's left are traces of smoke and maybe vague shapes of shadows marked on your sight - something that happens after you've looked at something too bright.

It's like seeing a shooting star on a peaceful night - your heart skips a beat at the sight of it. For a fleeting moment you think only of that one thing you most love. You close your eyes, make a wish, and before you know it, that rare thing - that beautiful flash of light in the heavens is gone - before you can even say please.

It's like that moment you brushed your lips against my skin. My heart skipped a beat. And suddenly things you've never even considered could now be awaiting possibilities.

A certain chill runs down my spine every time I thought about how it felt so nice - warm, and familiar - sitting there, feeling the sweet scent coming from your hair as I was hugging you, and you were gently caressing my arm and down - telling me how soft my hands were. Your warm hands felt nice against my cold skin.

But then this constant feeling keep on creeping its way onto the surface, totally ruining the moment - a tad of fear, and a whole lot of guilt. But I love what we had - too much probably - that I gave in to the selfishness and ignored all the bad vibe that's been eating me alive.

Because despite the fact that I may not be in love with you, while you might be hopelessly in love with me, still, I love you. Very much. I may not love you like a lover, but I love you more than a friend.

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